Youth Cards

To encourage children to use their library card, the library has created a special "My First Library Card," featuring the library mascot.

A parent may apply for a library card for their minor child.  The parent must provide standard proof of identification.  If the child is with the parent, no additional identification for the child is needed.  If the child is not with the parent, proof of the child's existence is required such as a birth certificate, health/human services card or school ID.

A parent or legal guardian may apply for a card for a minor child in their care.  The guardian's signature indicates acceptance of financial responsibility for all items borrowed.  Documentation of the guardian arrangement is not required and may be changed by a parent or legal guardian.  The guardian is required to maintain a current PIN number to personally review and manage the items on the child's record.  The Ohio Revised Code limits the release of information regarding a child's account to a parent or legal guardian.  An adult signing for a child's card without such documentation must use a PIN to manage the account online without staff assistance.

If a child's parents are divorced or separated, any parent may sign for the child's card, although it is recommended that the parent with primary custody sign for the card.  The Library has no way of verifying a custody arrangement and holds the signing parent responsible.

If you have any questions about youth cards, please contact Andrea Wackler at 937-339-0502 ext. 121.

Youth Bookmobile Card

The Troy-Miami County Public Library seeks to limit barriers to service for all ages.  The library staff acknowledges the fact that some children are not responsible for fines/fees accrued on their cards as a result of misuse by their parents or guardians which results in loss of library privileges.  In an effort to serve those children, the library offers Youth Cards in certain circumstances.  This card will allow the child to check out up to two book on the bookmobile.  The books must be returned before others can be checked out.

If you have any questions about youth bookmobile cards, please contact Sarah Simon at 937-339-0502 ext. 114.