Activity Bags

Are you trapped indoors and longing for something to do? Let the library help! We have an activity kit to keep you entertained! Perfect for those of us who find ourselves quarantined for 14 days!

Order your Activity Bag here:

Each kit contains:
                                         1 puzzle (This will be checked out on your library card)
                                         1 game (for instance, Yahtzee or Uno) (This will be checked out on your library card)
                                         1 book of Mad Libs 
                                         1 deck of playing cards
                                         Coloring pages and colored pencils

The Mad Libs, playing cards, and colored pencils you get to keep! (As well as the bag it all comes in.)

Please allow up to three business days for the kit to be prepared; you will be contacted when your kit is ready for pick up. If you aren't able to pick it up, and don't have anybody else who can pick it up, we can make other arrangements on a case-by-case basis.

For more information contact or call 937.339.0502 ext. 117.




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